Rather than answer the same question over and over again, here’s a list of all the frequently asked questions regarding Windwalkers. The answers will continue to be updated as changes occur or new things are discovered.

Be sure to check out the TL:DR Guide and Advanced Guide first, as many questions are answered there. There you’ll find talent choices, stat priorities, rotations, and artifact information.

  1. How much damage should I be doing on ___ fight?
  2. Is Windwalker viable for raiding?
  3. Is Windwalker difficult in Legion?
  4. Do I use Storm, Earth, and Fire for single target?

 1) How much damage should I be doing on __ fight?

The best way to figure this out is to go to HERE and change the top bar to the item level, fight, and difficulty you want to look at. Generally you want your DPS to be at least above the 50th percentile (Blue Bar), which is at average or above. The goal is the purple, sky blue, and orange bars, but the blue bar should be the minimum you consider.

2) Is Windwalker viable for raiding?

Impossible to say 100% as tuning could still change things. WW is looking very smooth right now, with very strong priority target damage through Touch of Death, excellent AoE, smooth rotations. It does have a strong toolkit with potential for very strong damage if tuned that way.

It is likely to be on par with most melees. Although you won’t have the security of secondary dps specs to fall back to, you can easily offtank or offspec heal.

Early on during expansions, dungeons are very important, in Legion even more so. Windwalker excels at that.

3) Is Windwalker difficult in Legion?

It is way more straightforward than ever before. You could probably just pick up Windwalker, read the TL:DR Guide, another about Spinning Crane Kick, the rest of this FAQ and perform decently. People have enjoyed the spec very much so far.

4) Do I use Storm, Earth, and Fire for single target?

Yes! Its Windwalker’s main DPS cooldown. If there are multiple targets they will jump around tagging them for Cyclone Strikes stacks. If you’d like them to focus on one target, then pressing the button a second time will cause them to converge on your current target. If there is only one target when they’re summoned then they will attack that target until it is killed or the buff runs out.






    1. Author

      There’s a whole section on artifacts and Artifact relics in the guide.

    1. Author

      If you have logs you can upload them to Checkmywow.com, your wowprogress and armory don’t tell me how you play, which is 99% of your dps, not your stats.

          1. Author

            It literally tells you what to do on the front page of CMW, just take the log you want to analyze and copy the URL into it.

          2. Author

            You clearly know how to get the logs, you already linked me your character’s logs, just pick one night’s set and copy it into the box.

          3. Author

            That tells you everything you need to know, you basically drop hit combo every chance that you get and you miss a ton of casts of all the abilities.

          4. Author

            All the information on potions and more is in the guides.

  1. Rose

    Hey – A quick question regarding Transfer of Power and FoF. Should I hold FoF up to a few seconds (lets say 5) to get up to 10 stacks or just blow FoF as soon as possible? As well as that, every second cast I make is usually blackout kick to build Transfer of Power stacks, is this correct or should I be prioritising RSK (which I have been delaying a few seconds also) and WDP? – Thanks in advance, great site, keep up the awesome work! πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      All of these answers are easily findable on this site, both in the guides.

  2. Abdulla

    my problem is the long fights at the beginning i have good dps at the end of the boss fight i drop to 390k i have ilvl 886

    1. Author

      If you have logs then you can upload them to CheckMyWoW.com to see if you’re making any mistakes. Other than that, thats just how burst/sustained works.

  3. Chris

    I have the Drinking Horn Cover and a disgusting amount of haste (I swear the only time I get 890+ gear is when it has haste on it). Would Convergence of Fates be a better option than Arcanogolem Digit? I only ask because I feel I could really capitalize on the uptime on SEF with it.

    Thank you for this site. It’s quite helpful.

    1. Author

      It’s pretty unlikely that you’d see much of a difference even with a lot of haste since Convergence of Fates still doesn’t proc enough to add another cast of SEF to most fights

  4. Abdulla

    currently i am using [Entwined Elemental Foci] and [Ethereal Urn] both of them 875 and i have ursoc trinket 865 should i replace one of them with ursoc trinket or ?

  5. Karnadas

    I can’t join the monk discord. Some of the links on here tell me that the invite expired, and other links thank me for joining Peak of Serenity but then just show a server with a red exclamation point and say that it’s currently down. Can’t find any info elsewhere about the status of the server. Is it still up?

  6. Dahlia

    Hi! I have a WW friend who is all riled up about haste, saying it’s the second best stat and wants to stack up as much as possible behind mastery.
    For me it feels like more haste than 10% gives too much energy regen if you are not doing AOE, I don’t see the meaning of that much haste.

    Am I just a bad player or is haste more valueable now for some reason?

    1. Author

      Haste is valuable only in Aoe situations. If you’re runnin exclusively Dungeons, then haste will be a strong stat. I’d encourage both of you to make sure you read the whole guide, articles, and podcasts to learn as much as you can. There is a podcast specifically dedicated to haste

      1. Xiaoyin

        I am not realy sure about this – i got DHC and Symbiote Belt and Simcraft says Haste is my best stat, and its not even a breakpoint or something else (tested it by changing secondary stats from 5% Haste to 20% Haste – everytime SimC says “Get more Haste!”) – it seems like SEF scales ultra hard with haste esp. when you got the DHC

  7. Monkineno

    i am 875 ww monk i have 27% crit 7%haste 41% mastery 2%versa %2leech

    what should my dps be like which number it should be

    1. Author

      You can look at your character through SimCraft or look at similar geared characters and how they perform in raid fights on WarCraftLogs in the Statistics.

  8. Halah

    I have a short question. Which is the BIS legendary? And how strong is DHC compared to the others. πŸ™‚

  9. jspfsu

    Just want to say use your site a lot and it’s excellent (donated), I use your weakauras code but was wondering if you can also help me add Strike of the Windlord into your code as at the moment it’s not there.

    1. Author

      What are you looking for the WeakAura would do? If you go to WowHead and search the ability, it has a handy tool for making weakauras, its quite nice.

      1. jspfsu

        Just want to add when Strike of the Windlord is cool down, and also how many hit combos I am on at the current moment.

        1. Author

          A hitcombo timer is included in my WA package, it overlays on the Last Ability Weak Aura. As for SotW, you should be able to get a CD timer easily from the tool on Wowhead.

          1. jspfsu

            Excellent mate, I will try it out. Never stop this site. It helps alot. Thank you very much for everything.

  10. Umoya

    Hey man,
    I have recently started playing my WW monk again and have geared it to 875… I know the prio stat was mastery but I have stacked this so much its now at 45% and the rating I believe is 11196. However, I know its important to have versatility too, which is 350- meaning my dps is very low in raids. This problem has only just become apparent as I normally just do mythic+ and therefore AoE a lot so the actual damage I do is hidden I guess.
    I am now wondering maybe to change my gear ( Which has taken me two months) or keep the mastery and just gem/enchant versatility foods to bring that up to increase overall damage done…
    I have the legendary belt, and ring- Sephuz’ secret.
    Hope you can help,
    Many thanks,

    1. Author

      You can pick up some Vers if you’d like, I recommend using SimCraft to get a good idea of what stats you should aim for next

  11. Pandfu558


    another question for you: As a Pandaren ww monk should i try to get 4500 more mastery than versatility with the 600 mastery stat buff from the food (Barracuda Mrglgagh) or should it be around 4500 even without the food ?

    THX for your help πŸ™‚

    Greetings Pandfu

    1. Author

      You include the food in your stats since you can control that just like you can control gems and enchants

      1. SharWinchester

        Yeah, thats right but what should be my default talents and rotation? πŸ™‚

  12. Pandfu558

    Hey dude πŸ™‚ first of all thx for the nais podcasts and information sharing u do in your free time I really appreciate it and love playing the WW with your help!

    Here’s the thing…. Could you awnser me a question?: I have to decide between 2 rings and i can’t really figure it out by myself… the only comparison I struggled so far.

    My WW: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/eu/eredar/pandfu

    Ring 1: Loop of Eightfold Eyes, 845 + Socket: 566 Vers. / 1386 (1236 + 150) Mastery


    Ring 2: Ring of Collapsing Futures 865: 610 Haste / 1331 Mastery / activate: 43363 DMG (15sec. cd)

    Maybe u can help me with that πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Greetings Pandfu

    1. Author

      No, check out the guides and other gear articles for more information on gear and stats.

  13. Nazeem

    Hi, I got a wierd thing with SEF. On pull I got 2 stacks – I open with one, do the burst rotation, and when my FF comes off CD (and I wanna use the second stack of SEF) I notice that both of my stacks of SEF are gone – in combat log I see myselef buffed only for 15s – I do not have any cancell aura macro – did you ever see this?

    1. Author

      I dont use SEF enough to notice it, but I have heard of the bug before. Sometimes if you press it a second time too quickly after the first, it will register as two uses.

    2. Badaz

      i have seen this happen to me. it occurred because i had SEF on my bar as well as a macro that triggered SEF. one mouse button triggered both SEF and the macro that had SEF in it. somehow it used both stack because it happened at the same time.

  14. Spookyzaur

    I have a question about WW monk rotation. It is often for me to spend every CD and all my energy, ending with no energy and no chi just AA and waiting till my energy regains or my spells are off CD. This is huge drop for my DPS and I have no idea how I can avoid that. Could you help me please?

    1. Author

      There is downtime in the rotation, just the way it is. Use it as time to plan out your upcoming abilities.

      1. Spookyzaur

        Okay, so I will just get used to it and start improving myself. Thanks for your reply!

  15. John

    On your Rotation page:

    You write stuff like:
    TP -> TOD -> SEF+RSK -> EE+FoF -> SotW -> TP -> WDP with RSK coming off CD soon

    Could you make this shortcuts as links. So that if you over it with the mouse it shows the spell tooltip.
    For example I don’t know what TOD means and have to google it. With tooltip this would help for everyone.

    But great work!

  16. Holasa

    Hey there.

    I picked up Windwalker monk to be my main at the start of Legion, due to my former main (protection paladin) being butchered (the playstyle that is).
    I have only played very limited monk in the past, but it’s really enjoyable. I’ve stumbled upon this guide and find all the posts really helpful when it comes to the understanding of the class.

    One thing I however have not found the answer to anywhere (And I’ve really tried) is the reasoning behind the haste cap.
    I seem to have read on both Icy veins and in your discussion on trinkets that the hate cap for windwalker monks is at 10%, which means the trinket from Ursoc should instantly cap you when it procs (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), but what is the reasoning behind this?
    Is it due to the energy regeneration that is provided from haste, the attack speed or the cooldown reduction?
    I know that Protection Paladins in MoP and WoD (Not sure about now) had their haste cap at 50% due to that being when their global cooldown was reduced to 1 second, meaning they could no longer reduce it further, which in end maximized their holy power generation.

    Also, I read you post on SEF and Serenity from the 11th October, 2016 and was wondering if haste gains more value when using Serenity or if the other stats still remain superior.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

    1. pandanaconda

      Hey there!

      here is what I had posted on discord about haste pretty much:
      haste is tough to simulate because it’s damage gain is far from continuous for windwalker. Therefore stats weight bring very unreliable information about it. However, tools pretty similar to linear regression show that the damage it brings per point is roughly on par with other three stats up until 6-7%, and starts dropping a lot beyond that.It is even worse for serenity.
      What this means is really you don’t NEED haste; it’s just not any worse than other stats up until 6-7%. I see this as “breathing room” for haste: I keep my haste as low as possible so that if I get a trinket/high item lvl thing with haste on it it’s not the end of the world. The only real perk to having 6-7% haste rather than 1-2% is that it actually makes a noticeable difference when it comes to AoE spawns and being quicker to tag things around you efficiently with mark of the crane.

      Ursoc’s trinket’s proc gives you something like an average haste of 2-3%, which means if you have low haste its pretty much as good as if you had it proc another stat, which is great.

      Haste affects windwalkers very differently it does for rets! We have a fix GCD of 1 second.

      1. Holasa


        Thanks for the explanation. Even though I must admit that I find it a bit disappointing ^^
        Was hoping for something cool like energy regen being at it’s optimal at a cap, but this makes sense, so I’m glad I got clarification.
        And I know nothing about rets tbh, but Prot sure didn’t have fixed GCD of 1, but that would have been too OP anyway, so I guess it was for the best.

        Thank you again for the reply.

  17. sully


    i really like the guide and its been super hopeful. i’ve browsed nearly all the pages but haven’t found anything about whether you should delay using fists of fury until you get 10 stacks of the trait? currently i can only get about 7-8 stacks before its off cd

    1. Author

      You dont see anything about it because you dont do it, you use FoF on CD.

  18. vincenkw

    I have many questions:
    1) Regarding opener: why use ToD right after one palm when the “Hit Combo” is still 1 stack, especially after we unlock Gale Burst, shouldn’t we do TP, RSK, BoK etc until we have 6-8 stacks of Hit Combo and then cast ToD?

    2)The rotation priority doesn’t cover a conundrum I constantly face during raid: Often times when SoWL is ready, SEF is still in cooldown, should I just use SoWL right away or wait a few seconds until SEF is ready and use it? A rough calculation of mine is since SEF provides a DPS boost around 45%*3=135%, and the Cooldown of SoWL is 40s, so if SEF has less than 40*35% = 14s left in cooldown, I will wait for it to use SoWL. After Gale Burst is unlocked, this problem become more complicated, to maximize dps gain from GB, we want to have as many chi as possible and FoF, SoWL and RSK ready before casting ToD, but sometimes this means not casting ToD right away, even postpone it for 30s or so, is this smart? And I can see that an anticipation of how long the fight will last play a part in here (if you manage to cast ToD 10 seconds before the fight ends then it is a huge gain, but you may lose this opportunity if you previously postpone ToD for a certain time).

    3) About Bloodlust: I don’t know if it is just me but I do find Bloodlust is not the best friend of monks. Every time the raid pops BL, my damage done starts to be surpassed by others, actually most classes, especially when RL decides to pop BL in the very first seconds of fight. I always suggests that BL be popped a few seconds after the encounter starts, so monk can have several Hit Combos stack but no one listens to me. (I don’t know much about other classes, maybe popping BL in the first second is best for other classes.) After all, in some fights of attempt that last for about 1 minute where BL is popped early, I always rank #14 or worse in a 25 men raid, which sometimes results in my being replaced as not doing good DPS.. So what does everyone feel about BL and how do you cope with it?

    1. Author

      1) Delaying ToD for a few seconds like that will delay the other hard hitting abilities as well. The point of the opener is to get the max damage as quickly as possible.

      2) You should just delay SEF rather than SotW. Planning out your CDs for the maximum benefit is the hallmark of a skilled player, its not something that you can just ask every hypothetical situation.

      3) Bloodlust isn’t unfriendly to monks, its just friendlier to other classes. The raid damage you’d lose by holding BL drastically outweighs the personal increase in DPS. If you’re #14 out of 25, the problem is most likely other skill based issues rather than just when BL is cast.

  19. Stormbind

    Since I’ve not found another place to discuss this I want to ask the following here:

    Are there any changes recommended regarding the talent choices or rotation if you are in the position to own a “Katsuo’s Eclipse” legendary, because I’m in such a situation.

    Those boots make this spec to have just so many more resources that you often just can’t keep up spending them. You can certainly always do a CJL/Blackout Kick-Combo over and over again to get rid of some Chi, but more often than not Blackout Kick can be cast for free and you don’t have accomplished a Chi dump as a result -> then one of two things happen: either you cap your Energy or your Chi.

    One SCK is the alternative for dumping Chi, but we all know with 1 stack and 1 target it’s rather not worth the cost (but still better than risking a cap in any way I guess).

    So, running with “Power Strikes at the moment, while “Ascension” is the worst of the “managament tier” I wonder whether that changes when wearing those legendary boots; having 1 more max Chi and more Energy regeneration could give more room and solve the capping issue.
    As another alternative maybe “Power Strikes” isn’t needed anymore and EE can get to its use in AoE situations.

    Also I wonder if “Eye of the Tiger” isn’t the better choice over Chi Wave in single target; the reason for this is that if you have to tag targets for SCK the DoT from Tiger Palm is applied to more targets that should result in more dps overall; in single target situations I feel like using Wave on the boss sometimes does 1 or 2 hits and the remaining 5 ticks are targeted at other players healing them (unless I completely misunderstood the function of this skill).

    1. Author

      Ascension may make things easier with Katsuo’s, but the other talents will still be more dps if you’re able to use the extra Chi.

      Eye of the Tiger only ever puts a dot on one target at a time. If you attack a new target, it just removes the dot from the previous target.

      Chi Wave is very helpful getting around Hit Combo because it’s an extra button to press. It also always alternates between enemy and friendly.

      1. Stormbind

        Thanks for clarification.

        So it’s either EE or “Power Strikes”, even with Katsuo’s. Since I always went with the latter so far I guess giving EE a shot is a good idea just to see if you can squeeze out more dps during AoE-situations regarding those thirsty SCKs.

        Also now that I know how “Chi Wave” actually works there are always 4 dmg-ticks on single target, no matter how many players are around (dmg->heal->dmg->heal->dmg->heal->dmg = 7) and the extra button comes in handy to minimize the dummy-casts of CJL in between Blackout Kicks.
        Correct me if im wrong, but this would also mean that there are always 4 dmg ticks and 3 heal ticks (dmg is split if more targets are in range of the skill).

        This leads to the last question: If you had “Chi Wave” as an extra button to weave in between Blackout Kicks wouldn’t it be better to aim for holding it on cooldown, e.g. is the weight of the skill (value vs. global cooldown) better than that from a Blackout Kick ?
        There are times when you don’t need to spam Blackout Kicks back to back with CJL or Chi Wave and in those situations it could be a dps loss to delay Chi Wave.

        1. Author

          Yes, in general you want to use CW before BoK, but you can delay it slightly or work I intro the rotation so you don’t run into problems later.

          If you cast CW on an enemy there will be 4 damage and 3 healing ticks. If you cast it on a friendly then there will be 4 healing and 3 damage.

      2. Stormbind

        As I saw the planned changes to Crackling Jade Lightning in 7.1 I’m pretty much concerned about the coming performance of the rotation, feeling and output of the Windwalker.
        This has an even greater impact for players with the legendary boots that reduce the Chi cost of FoF to only 1 Chi, because they enable you to do even more BoK -> CJL combos to amass TTP stacks while dealing decent single target damage.

        Energy is a very valuable resource and you simply can’t waste it using a 20 Energy CJL to keep the Combo going while weaving it in between BoK’s.

        I fear we will be damned to sit there doing nothing not because we are starved, but rather because we simply have nothing ready to use when not wanting to break the Combo.
        You CAN use FSK if Chi Wave is on cooldown, but that isn’t advised at least from my point of view regarding it’s an important movement skill in raids and the long cooldown.

        In situations like having 0 Energy and having pooled 3 Chi while waiting the last seconds for FoF to be ready again you would want to use BoK -> CLK -> BoK to effectively dump 2 Chi including 2 additional stacks from Transfer the Power. If this isn’t possible anymore in 7.1 what are you going to to then; if Chi Wave and FSK are on cooldown you can’t use a SCK as an alternative, because that would leave you completely starved while NOT giving you any TTP stacks and only dealing minor single target damage.

        1. Author

          You can execute the rotation with the legendary boots without needing to use CJL. You just have to plan accordingly.

      1. Anton

        Sorry πŸ™‚ basically I have two “sets” of gear. I can have 849 with 21.821 AGI and 37,51% Mastery and 847 with 21.753 AGI and 40.87% mastery. Im so confused which “set” I should play with.

        1. Author

          That’s difficult to say, you’d be much better off simming them, but you’re trading 70 agi for 3.36% mastery, which should be +800 mastery, so I assume a gain in 800 mastery is worth a drop in 70 agi.

  20. stefan

    First of all, I have to say this site well made.

    Now my question: You said the WW monk should use the Fishbrul Special or the tier below that one. Why is that? Wouldn’t be mastery better since you have the effect the whole time?

    1. Author

      I don’t know where I say to use the tier below Fishbrul, people have been finding that the lower tiers are noticeably worst. The reason I recommend that food is because it’s simmed better than the stat food except for pandaren in AOE situations

  21. Andi

    Transfer the power provides up to 30% damage to FoF but i just have 5-7 stacks until FoF is up again. Use FoF immediately or wait until 10 stacks?


  22. Zarelithe

    So it seems the Tornado Kicks trait is bugging out for me, both hits of RSK are only hitting for 25% sometimes, it happens more often if FoF/SotW are on cd.

  23. Luis

    Question: Does the 2nd RSK from Artifact Golden Trait give 2 stacks of Transfer the Power?

    1. Author

      I’m not sure, don’t know if anyone who has both yet to test it out. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

        1. Author

          Yeah it’s somewhat surprising they elected to code it new rather than work in the code from Sacred Draenic Incense. I’m sure they had a reason for not doing what appears to have been the easy way.

          1. Eatmyfeet

            Surely its mastery + hit combo? wouldnt that fuck the whole thing up?

          2. Author

            It benefits from hit combo, but does nothing to enhance or continue it

  24. Eatmyfeet

    Greets, thhe Trinket section is in progress, i see that. But is it for pre-raid trinkets only? You guys have a BiS List from the first Legion raid tier?

    1. Author

      We will eventually. Right now we still have a few weeks till that’s needed, thankfully.

      1. Eatmyfeet

        Of course, that is relieving indeed.But my lootcouncil is crying out loud, if i dont give a BiSlist i wont get loots πŸ˜€ will stick around for updates on trinkets, will you #pin them on discord?

  25. Simon

    Shouldn’t panda be the worst race since Epicurean benfit nothing from Fishbrul special?

    1. Author

      Potentially. I’ll be running the races again before the 30th to double check. If I remember correctly, I simmed Pandas with stat food, not Fishbrul Special

      1. Simon

        from GM: I am sure this is something that the developers are well aware of and will look into updating.
        I hope so #pandamasterrace

  26. Gwisgi

    Thanks for all of the great content! As a new WoW player (in this day and age right!) it is really appreciated, and is making the whole process of picking up a class and getting comfortable with it ten times easier!

    As a result of being new, I am only just starting to dabble into addons. I see you responded to a previous poster with a link to your addons and have Pawn listed as one of them.

    Would it be possible for you to give out the pawn string that you use by any chance please? I really rely on the tool a lot right now while I am learning all of the different items and abilities, and right now am using the only one I can find which is agility>mastery>everything else is equal.

    Cheers and thanks again!

    1. Author

      We’re figuring out how to present stat weights for Legion so that is meaningful to everyone. Right now stat weights are only for specific players and situations so we don’t want players to take them as law.

  27. Dante Izzard

    Are there more sites like these for different classes? Example my main, enhancement shaman. Would really appreciate your answer. πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      I don’t know about sites quite like this, but Wordup handles the enhancement guide so you can google him.

      There is a site, RaidAdvice.com which has a good list of resources for every class.

  28. Han

    Why did i get lower dps when i used SEF for single target , which should be more ?

    1. Author

      Because right now SEF is bugged and doesn’t benefit from Mastery so it’s not gaining the bonus that it should. If you used SEF in single target you should still gain DPS, unless you’re over 60% mastery.

  29. Yertle

    hi guys thx for this awesome content!
    I can’t really understand is why versatility is such a good stats for monks as far as i know, DPS wise, it takes 110pts of crit to increase average DPS by 1% and 122 to increase DPS by 1% with versatility. Crit is nearly 10% cheaper for the same increase. Guess i’m missing something here…

    1. Author

      As other stats increase and the character gets more powerful, every additional % is a larger and larger chunk of dps, so Vers gains usefulness as all other stats get higher.

  30. Beardrac

    If I will be swapping between chi explosion and serenity what should my stats look like?

    1. Babylonius

      If you’re going to be using both equally then Multistrike is the way to go. However, since more fights in HFC make use of CX than Serenity, stacking Haste is a good way to go. In general if you’re focused on those two stats, its hard to go too wrong.

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