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Talent Recommendations: energizing elixir, hitcombo, serenity.
Due to the fight mechanics, whirling dragon punch is decent here.

This is actually one of the simplest fights in the raid. Focus on positioning, follow raid markers and dps priority targets when assigned.

Get rid of Inconceivable Horrors as soon as you can phase 2, else cleave down Boss and tank add, following the current priority.

If you can, set up a burst window with touch of death and either serenity or Storm, Earth, and Fire during dream while mind controled.

Talent Recommendations: diffuse magic/healing elixirs. The fight can get a bit rough on healers and it’s hard to get one shot by any mechanic, so healing elixirs will actually do a lot. However, if you intend to soak several things in a row to build corruption, diffuse magic will be better at that.

Don’t stand in stuff when you’re low, prioritize soaking when you have dream buff and you should have a hard time dying here.

Focus on chaos blades, Exorsus Raid Tools has a good radar to track this.

On mythic you get assigned at what boss % you get dream. This makes fight planning a lot easier.

The damage required is quite a lot higher on mythic, so getting mind controled during dream debuff is actually quite important.

Lurkers phase 1 give 33% corruption; they are enough on themselves to get corruption started; soaking these as soon as you get dream buff is important.

You should only get 2 touch of deaths casts max during any given dream, so make sure you delay your last touch of death of each dream until you get mind controled. Same goes for lining up cooldowns on this.

While you have the dream buff, your real cooldowns keep refreshing no matter how you use them. Due to windwalker having no cooldowns greater than 3 minutes, this means coming out of dream will grant you all your cooldowns unless you died early during it.

For instance if you get first dream buff in heroic/normal Xavius here is how your fight might look:

0:00 Touch of death, serenity
0:10 Get dream buff
1:30 Use serenity on cooldown, don’t delay it at all; you should be able to cleave a tank add down
2:00 DO NOT touch of death here. Build up corruption
2:45 At this point trigger mind control as soon as you can
2:50 try to be mind controled here; use touch of death/any cooldowns with it as they come up (the window to get a full serenity before dream ends is short)

3:10 dream ends; you get to do the touch of death/serenity opener again.

Careful: taking corruption to get mind controled can be detrimental to the raid if done badly. Soaking lurkers before first dream is an extra 33% corruption you’ll have when you come out of dream. DO NOT attempt MCs if your group is struggling with corruption soaking and healers are allready capped just from dispelling tanks. This would happen if you had a pretty slow kill for instance.