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Icy-Veins  |  FatBossTV WoWHead

Talent Recommendations: Chi burst, energizing elixir, serenity.
On this fight you can get some decent damage with storm, earth, and fire.

Follow your positioning very strictly; dodge pretty much anything you see, windwalkers are probably not going to soak flowers anyways so you’re good there.
Never stand in front or behind a dragon. Might sound obvious but a reminder cannot hurt.

Focus adds generally, there is no relevant enrage mechanic, bosses transition really smoothly.

See mythic tips for portals!

Talent Recommendations: tiger’s lust, diffuse magic.
Make sure you are ready to use tiger’s lust on allies stuck in roots. Make good use of Leg Sweep on defiled spirits.

On mythic as a windwalker you are likely to be asked to do portals duty.

At 90% (right into pull), 60% and 30% you will be asked to go into one of the three portals (set order) and nuke down an add.
Each add should last 25-45 seconds roughly. You will have touch of death up for each add.

Make sure you follow interrupt rotation properly; arcane torrent will help getting an extra interrupt in.

When on portal duty, I do not use my cooldowns on opener, take Horn of Valor as my second trinket. I use fists of fury in my opener, get a couple stacks of transfer the power, try to keep hit combo up as I run to the portal (chi wave right before portal, then flying serpent kick inside portal, then chiwave again if add is not in range yet).

On each add, you can have at least one stack of storm earth fire or serenity, one touch of death, your on use trinket and 5-10 stacks of transfer the power. This makes you a beast at destroying that single target meter.

The best way to get nice dps on this fight is obviously to get a huge AoE burst on spirits; leg sweep on packed spirits into fists of fury is your best bet, but if specced into storm, earth, and fire, this is your chance to get a dozen stacks of mark of the crane and crush the meters. Serenity can do the same trick, 4-5 stacks into a stupidly high damage serenity.

Besides, getting the most out of mark of the crane will give you high dps in this fight. Tag every blood, flower, spirit, shade you can with tiger palm, it’s free and might come in handy. Cleaving on shades/others will make the fight for you.

People usually have smooth enough timer that you can follow the drakes during tank swaps, get a fists of fury on two targets (or at least a few ticks of it) and maybe a cleave off strike of the windlord before going back to the side you’re assigned.
BE CAREFUL doing this as failing will be obvious!