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Talent Recommendations: Diffuse magic, serenity.

This is a pretty tricky fight; definitely the hardest one in the raid. I encourage you to watch FatBoss’s guide for it since most of the difficulties come from the generic mechanics and not windwalker specific stuff.

In general you want to prioritize killing whisps > treant > laughing sisters > dragons. On mythic, you’ll want to prioritize laughing sisters higher and most likely ignore dragons.

Talent Recommendations: Diffuse magic (stomp is shadow damage!)

Be careful with Thorns damage. You can quickly get hit badly by it if you touch of death ahead of thorns and get 1.5 million damage reflected onto you. Even karma isn’t very safe against thorns.

Focus on dodging brambles and moving out of scorned touches. You can easily hit laughing sister from a pretty huge range so I wouldn’t be too scared of staying away from melee while killing it.

Tiger’s lust DOES NOT remove bramble’s root which is a shame. Flying serpent kick removes brambles from the ground without taking any damage, so use this to clear in a line whenever required. Clearing every 25 seconds at no cost is very good, you won’t clear as much as a rogue/hunter each time but overall it helps a lot.

Abilities to use to make mechanics easier

A lot of things change here on mythic.
As I write this, guilds progressing Cenarius don’t have the gear/damage to be able to both kill dragons and push Cenarius to 35% in time. Therefore I’ll assume you’re ignoring dragons.

0:00 Blow all cooldowns on Cenarius, don’t wait for Treant to spawn.
0:30 around this timer you should have treant up. You don’t necessarily want to delay Strike of the windlord untill you get to him since that would probably just mean the next strike is up after treant dies and you won’t have it up on first sisters.

1:35 you should be leaving boss, keep serenity and use it as soon as possible on laughing sister; you can use touch of death as it comes up if this prevents your group getting another cast of scorned touch, otherwise you can keep it for 3 minutes in (double sisters wave). If your group’s dps on laughing sister is good, you will not have time for TOD to hit her before she dies.

3:10 Around this timer you should try to do your best destroying laughing sisters. Focus one down but fit in spinning crane kicks during your serenity and tag both with mark of the crane. SCK is more efficient than blackout kick single target with two stacks and cleaving second sister down will help immensely. Touch of death the priority sister if you have kept it.

Legendary gloves are VERY good in this fight. If you have them, I’d use first touch of death on cenarius+treant (use diffuse magic for thorns) and delay second for the double sisters.

I cannot stress enough how strong Flying Serpent Kick is on this fight.

This is actually the easiest fight to get full benefit from touch of karma. However, be careful; soaking a full touch of karma will leave you taking a dot for 25% of your health from thorns, on top of whatever damage you deal during this DoT. It can quickly be very dangerous!
Once again, careful about Touch of Death and thorns.