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PTR 7.1.5 (Nov 30) Part 3: Serenity Changes

In Legion by Babylonius18 Comments

So, like I spoke about in Part 2, there was a change to Serenity on the PTR where it was no longer snapshotting the cooldown reduction. So after Serenity’s buff was over, any abilities on CD were doubled the current time they had on them. I used the example of if Fists of Fury has 5s left on its cooldown when you …

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PTR: 7.1.5 Notes (Nov 29) Part 2

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For a brief discussion on the legendary changes, see Part 1: PTR: 7.1.5 Notes (Nov 29). In addition to these legendary changes, there were also some undocumented changes. Stat Conversions Blizzard has changed the stat conversions for what ratings equal 1% of a stat. Here’s what happened: Versatility: Live – 400, PTR – 475 Mastery: Live – 280, PTR – 320 …

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PTR: 7.1.5 Notes (Nov 29)

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Since there are always questions about this, I’ll do a quick post about the changes. Obviously, this may or may not be the extent of the changes Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred The amount of damage that Touch of Karma can redirect is increased by 150% of your maximum health. Touch of Karma deals 300% increased damage. Overall a great change, …

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Mythic Plus vs Raids and WW Scaling

In Legion by Babylonius15 Comments

So its been a little bit since we’ve added written content to the site, as I’ve added two Podcasts in that time, so if you haven’t listened to them, then I encourage that. Mythic Plus vs Raids Frequently we get questions about how things fair in M+ compared to Raids, or how to maximize one, the other, or both. This …

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Legion Sims 11.6 – SimYoSelf, Relic, Trinkets

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SimYoSelf Fellow theorycrafter, blog and guide writer, and all around awesome person, Binkenstein, has written a fantastic article, or series of articles, on how to use SimCraft to test out a bunch of trinkets for yourself. I recommend giving it a look over. Its specific to Mage right now, but you should easily be able to adapt it to your …

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Walking on Future Winds

In General by Babylonius

Going to be a little melodramatic for a bit, so bear with me. If you want to read the reasons pushing me away from the game, then click the Melodrama tab. It looks like my time with World of Warcraft is winding down. My schedule and life just don’t allow for much time to play, and the game design is …