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An Introduction

I’m the Windwalker Monk, Ruhye, and a hobby coder which had a bit of a hand in the formation of this website. I begun my journey in World of Warcraft at an indeterminate time in the middle of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

My real adventures begun in World of Warcraft at the launch of Mists of Pandaria in September 25, 2012, when I was enticed to play by acquaintances on League of Legends. I initially created a subtlety rogue called Ruhe, but moved to windwalker monk the moment I could.

I’ve been steadily improving my theory and ranks ever since.


Trial of Valor
Emerald Nightmare

This tier has been relatively hectic for me as a player, moving between many guilds and moving gradually up the ladder to where I am now. I’ve improved vastly as a player in part due to exposure to better raiding environments and self improvement goals. My aim for the future is to improve myself going in to legion on multiple classes and to strive to be a part of the best the oceanic raiding scene has to offer.

Guild History

  • Illidan US:
    • Blood Legion Spec Ops (10m): Casual – Ruhye. Mogushan Vaults (4/6N).
    • Wraith (25m): Raider – Ruhye. Throne of Thunder (5/13H).
    • Riven (10m): Guild Leader – Ruhye. Siege of Orgrimmar (14/14H).
    • Wraith (reformed 25m): Raider – Braixen. Siege of Orgrimmar (12/14H).
    • Sanctum (10m): Casual Raider – Braixen. Siege of Orgrimmar (14/14H).
  • Blackrock US:
    • Riven: Guild Leader – Ruhye. Highmaul (2/7M).
  • Kil’jaeden US:
    • Karma: Raider – Ruhye. Blackrock Foundry (5/10M).
  • Aman’thul OCE:
    • Brutally Honest: Raider – Ruhye. Blackrock Foundry (8/10M).
    • Brutally Honest: Raider – Ruhye. Hellfire Citadel (11/13M).
  • Gundrak OCE:
    • Clash of Kings: Raider – Mione & Flames. Hellfire Citadel (13/13M).
  • Nagrand OCE:
    • Sublimity: Raider – Ruhye, Pantie (Formerly Braixen) & Flames. Hellfire Citadel (13/13M).
  • Saurfang OCE:
    • Lotion: Rixed (Formerly Mione). Hellfire Citadel (13/13M).
See how it was targeting me, and I moved, and then it didn’t hit me? It’s like magic.Sebudai
My focus on this website is trying to help to develop the feel and look of the website with my primitive club of mediocre code. Barring that, I aim to try and help people to understand complex and perhaps esoteric concepts that might otherwise be out of the reach of players seeking to improve.