About the Author


I’m a pretty new player in World of Warcraft. After starting pve casually in 6.0, I ended up in a world top 120 guild by the start of 6.2.
My focus has allways been the theory and math behind rotations prior to sheer mechanics, and I try my best to keep those up to date. I enjoy finding new tech, testing weird templates/talents.
Out of raiding, I’m a 22 years old french math student, kitesurf and do some Drama in my spare time.
I raid with Myst on Draenor on Europe servers, hordeside.

I’ve mostly played windwalker throughout all tiers, with rare exceptions for brewmaster and unholy DK. I play more casually as a rogue, hunter, enhancement.

Best means of contacting me are usually dropping in on monk discord. If that doesn’t work for you, drop me an inbox on MMO-Champion’s forum!
If you’re on the European servers, you can try to add me on pandanaconda#2907, however if I’m playing hearthstone I might assume you’re a recent raging opponent and decline, forgive me!
Hellfire Citadel
Blackrock Foundry
Listen closely, for I will say this only onceInspecteur Clouzot