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We’re finally reaching a point that people have one more legendary than they can equip. This means, you’ll have to choose which one(s) you want to use. I’ll cover every legendary, if/how they change things, how useful I believe they are, and what you can do with them. In no particular order (just kidding, I totally put them in order)

March of the Legion

What it does:

The movement speed buff from Windwalking is increased from 10% to 25%. The buff is for all friendlies within 10 yards and lasts for 10s after they leave that range.

How you use it:

You equip it and move faster, simple as that.

How strong is it:

Although this legendary provides no direct DPS benefit, movement speed is an incredibly underrated buff. Back in the day (which was a Wednesday) movement speed enchants to boots were required for raiding. 8% was a huge deal, people lived and died by 8%. For anyone who raided back in those days, 10% sounds good, 25% should sound insane.

The benefit of this ring cannot be overstated. It can decrease damage taken and increase healing and damage done. Any mechanic that takes you, or someone else, away from the target can be done faster, and they can return from it faster. There is no quantitative benefit to this legendary, but the benefit is there.

Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred

What it does:

This increases the maximum size of your Touch of Karma from 50% of your maximum health to 200%. It also increases the amount of damage you can redirect to the boss, as well as the size of the heal from Good Karma.

How you use it:

Just like you’d use Touch of Karma. It will allow you to survive longer hits, or stand in fire longer to transfer more damage to the target.

How strong it is:

It is, not too arguably, the strongest personal legendary in the game. It increases your effective health from 150% to 300% and allows you to redirect 200% of your health to the target which can be insanely huge. With average health pools over 2 million HP, this would allow you to redirect up to 4 million damage to the target without ever taking actual damage yourself. In a maximum situation of being used on CD for the maximum benefit, it can do +40k DPS.

However, its first and foremost usage comes from increasing the size of the defensive. This allows you to soak hits that would have otherwise killed other players, which can be a very valuable tool to have in raids.

Katsuo’s Eclipse

What it does:

Anther straightforward legendary. The cost of Fists of Fury is reduced from 3 Chi to 1 Chi.

How you use it:

This legendary has a tangible effect on how the rotation feels. Having another 2 Chi to spend every 20-24s means that you need to learn to work in more Blackout Kick to use that Chi, while planning it out so that you have the Chi necessary for the hard hitting abilities.

While it can make the rotation a little faster and difficult to plan, the reward is also noticeable, being the top personal DPS legendary not tied to a defensive cooldown. Its also very strong in AOE situations where you have 2 Chi to toss into Spinning Crane Kick.

Drinking Horn Cover

What it does:

Increases the duration of Storm, Earth, and Fire by 0.6 seconds for every chi spent. This allows you to extend each use of Storm, Earth, and Fire by several seconds.

How you use it:

There is no effect on Serenity, due to Serenity decreasing the cost of all Chi spenders to 0. No Chi spent, no extended buff.

Ideally, in addition to having your major damage abilities available, you enter Storm, Earth, and Fire with maximum Chi, even better if Energizing Elixir is available.

This doesn’t change the rotation in any meaningful way other than making sure you pool appropriately.

The main effect that this has, is that it decreases the gap between Serenity and Whirling Dragon Punch when both are played optimally. This means that you’ll have to perform better with Serenity in order for it to continue to outperform Whirling Dragon Punch.

How strong is it:

On average, if you plan ahead, Storm, Earth, and Fire can be extended by an additional 8-10s, effectively increasing its uptime by 60%. This can be very useful in extended AOE situations. As said above, it does decrease the gap between Serenity and Whirling Dragon Punch when both are played optimally.

One last note is that the other legendary, Katsuo’s Eclipse, does decrease the cost of Fists of Fury, so there is a slight negative effect on Drinking Horn Cover.

Cinidaria, the Symbiote

What it does:

As long as the target is above 90%, you do 30% more damage. This works particularly well with all the cooldowns you should be using on the pull.

How you use it:

You attack the target. The belt does damage equal to 30% of what you’ve done as a separate hit, Symbiote Strike.

How strong is it:

This legendary gets stronger as content gets harder, as harder content generally has more health so it stays above 90% more. Because of the synergy with Gale BurstTouch of Death, and Serenity, it can count for a considerably increase in damage at the start of fights.

Hidden Master’s Forbidden Touch
What it does:

Allows you to cast a second Touch of Death on a second target within 3s of the first.

How you use it:

After casting Touch of Death on a target, you select another target and cast Touch of Death again on them. You NEED to cast another ability in between so that you do not lose the mastery bonus and Hit Combo.

If you cast it a second time on the same target, you will get the “A more powerful spell is active” error.

How strong is it:

The strength of this legendary comes in multi-target fights, for obvious reasons. It works somewhat with Gale Burst, in that any additional damage you do to either target will increase Touch of Death‘s damage to that target. The damage from one Touch of Death will not increase the damage of the other like the Warlord’s Soul Capacitor/Ring, so temper your expectations. The more targets there are, the less effective one cast of Touch of Death is, this legendary allows Touch of Death to remain a slightly larger portion of your damage for slightly longer.

Ex. If its 10% of your damage on one target, its 5% of your damage on 2 targets, 2.5% on 4 targets and so on. With Hidden Master’s Forbidden Touch it stays roughly 10% at 2 targets, so its 5% at 4 targets.

Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus

What it does:

If you take no damage for 5s you gain a bubble that absorbs 15% of your maximum health. You can only gain the bubble every 30s.

How you use it:

Don’t take damage, get bubble.

How Strong is it:

Considering it only requires you to not take damage for 5s, you should nearly constantly have this bubble on you. 15% of your maximum health is nothing to scoff at. If you’re prone to standing in fire or particularly slow to react, this gives you a little bit more cushion before anyone knows you’ve made a mistake.

 Sephuz’s Secret

What it does:

After you successfully CC or stun a target you get a buff that increases you movement speed by 70% and gives you 15% haste for 10s.

How you use it:

Apply CC/Stun, get buff

How strong is it:

Its very strong in Mythic+ and other dungeons, as well as raid trash where you can regularly stun targets. There are occasionally adds in boss fights that can be stunned as well, so its not totally useless.

Hopefully, this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read don’t hesitate to scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.


  1. Itsnotogre

    So how competitive is Drinking Horn Cover? I’m mythic raiding and still seem to be crushing it in DPS with SEF and have that legendary. I really don’t want to use Serenity and lose my legendary bonus 🙁

    1. Author

      If you’re good with WDP and seeing good results with the Legendary then dont switch.

  2. Jaana

    Do you feel like there should be some like serenity alternative for vyrkul drinking horn for balance sakes or is it fine how it is? I have that legendary and its kind of annoying how it does nothing since i prefer serenity.

    1. pandanaconda

      SEF was meant to be our new “main cooldown”; it replaced tiger eye brew which was iconic for years. Serenity was probably meant to be used in fringe scenarios for it’s crazy burst/cleave potential.

      Most of our kit revolves around SEF: SCK, spiritual focus, drinking horn cover… The issue is probably not drinking horn cover itself, it’s that SEF doesn’t have the place it should have. So many people were reluctant to even try serenity a couple months ago. So many people now would have issues going back to SEF.

  3. Yes

    Hey guys, great work!
    What does March of the Legion’s movementspeed bonus stack with and what doesn’t it stack with? Are there any rules here?
    The DK I play with in mythic+ has the movementspeed increasing legendary boots and I notices that the benefit he gets from my Windwalking buff isn’t as great as we expected. Some insight on this would be helpful!
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      I believe, but haven’t tested, that the characters take whatever is the highest movement speed increase. So if you have a 15% and a 25%, you’ll get 25%. I can’t confirm this since I don’t have the tools to do so, but IIRC, thats how it used to be.

  4. Garf

    I have the cloak and on ursoc HM i do 9M with touch of karma , that’s so insame ^^ ( rank 3 on my dps)

    I can equipe the belt next sunday !

  5. Maow

    — We’re finally reaching a point that people have one more legendary than they can equip. —

    As someone who can equip two legendaries, has more days played at cap than I’m willing to admit, and has ZERO legendaries … that made me chuckle 😉

  6. Izibb

    Hey ! Nice work as usual, just a quick insight though, i think you should take into account the stats of these legendaries into your ranking, for exemple, while the neck effect is kinda useless and boring, it has very good stats for wind walker, and if you drop it, you’re not likely to replace it anytime soon.

    1. kamoni

      Pretty sure he took that into consideration when making the list. Although Prydaz does have good secondary stats for WW it doesn’t have any main stat which puts it under budget when compared to any legendary that isn’t jewelry. On top of that every other non-jewelry legendary provides a dps increase due to its special effect.

      March of the Legion was ranked #1 because it arguably has the best raid utility, and the only other jewelry legendary that has meh secondary stats was ranked lower than Prydaz. Overall the rankings look pretty solid based on those facts.

  7. Zeph

    I don’t think I would trade Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred for any legendary in the game. It’s just too valuable and it makes me such a boon in a raid. It really just makes my class even more interesting and I’m going to miss it next expansion.

  8. pouljikhan

    Question about hidden master’s touch and Death Art. If ToD expires while still on only one of the two targets will it still get the reduction from death art? It would at least justify the GCD on the second target even if the target is about to die.

    1. Author

      I’m not sure. I dont have it, and I dont know of anyone who’s tested it out. If I ever find the answer out, I’ll update this article.

    2. Keijon

      Just tested it, yes it does, even if your target dies before you apply the second ToD, you still get the CD reduction from having the first target die with ToD on

      1. pouljikhan

        Thanks guys! Not sure that really helps this ones value all that much, but at least makes it worth applying to a second target even if it is about to die.

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