What is up with SEF and Serenity?

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Hello fellow monks.
I initially intended to get a general blog post on all the things you might have missed about Windwalker in the first month of legion; gear, talents, dungeons, performances, legendaries…

However, early on in that post I got stuck on explaining the issues I had with Storm, Earth, and Fire. My drafts got pretty long and since Storm, Earth, and Fire is likely the biggest issue about Windwalker right now it deserved its own article. This post is likely to be full of rants. I’m pretty annoyed by the current situation, it’s been a problem with Windwalker for several years now and it shouldn’t be. This can also work as yet another report of these bugs, although I’m sure I’ll forget some. I’ll state once again my suggestion in that regard, although I doubt it’ll get used.

Everyone and their sempai is running Serenity on Warcraftlogs; I was told Whirling Dragon Punch was on par with it?

You might remember a couple articles we wrote a while back; at that time we used a very simple action priority list for Serenity when the talent required it. Despite that, with a couple easy tweaks we were able to have simulations show that on single target, Serenity was probably no more than 5-10% worse than Whirling Dragon Punch, if not better in the long run.

In these articles, I also highlighted the fact that Serenity brought a lot more than Storm, Earth, and Fire on 2-5 targets. On this amount of targets, the tagging mechanic of Storm, Earth, and Fire is not relevant as a skilled player will easily cover all available targets with tab-targeting. When I wrote the article about Serenity, Strike of the Windlord was doing crazy damage on AoE so that more than made up for the lost Whirling Dragon Punch casts, and free Spinning Crane Kick casts represented way too many free resources.

However, we told our readers (you) that the talents would likely be on par. This is not what we’re seeing right now; people are pulling extremely high numbers with Serenity and despite the AoE potential, the double stacks, the interaction with Spiritual Focus, Storm, Earth, and Fire is barely seeing play at the highest level.
Of course part of it is due to the cleave potential of Serenity. Emerald Nightmare always has at least a second target on Mythic difficulty. Higher Mythic+ dungeons fit Serenity very well, since on 2-5 targets it shines. But the reason lies elsewhere.

Storm, Earth, and Fire has a very high amount of bugs affecting it, many of which can be game-breaking. This doesn’t make the spell completely useless since it’s very potent, but since the bug free Serenity is the alternative option, it’s too good to pass up.

Bugs? I thought Storm, Earth, and Fire was looking fine?

Well, unfortunately you’re wrong. We’re partly to be blamed for this, as we missed some of the Storm, Earth, and Fire issues on beta or notified them late. However, it’s been months since we’ve reported most of these (trying to whisper blizzard CMs, reporting through the in-game bug report on NA and EU, through alpha/beta bug reports…). We can’t be held fully responsible for the main cooldown and iconic spell of the Windwalker not working correctly. Some of the bugs I can understand being “intended”. However some of these are most definitely not intended.

I understand if everything was fixed, Windwalker might be too strong and only mages are allowed to do a lot more DPS than others. However I’d rather see Storm, Earth, and Fire damage percentage reduced slightly so that Serenity can remain somewhat competitive. It’s a better alternative than being balanced around bugs.

Here is a list of some of these issues with the spell:

  • Storm, Earth, and Fire clones do not benefit from haste: This is probably the most annoying one to me. Clones have a set haste level and do not channel any faster as you gain some. This includes the benefits from Bloodlust. Therefore, if you use then immediately use Rising Sun Kick at the end with Bloodlust up, you’re likely to have just cancelled 2 out of 5 ticks of Fists of Fury from both your clones. That’s a 27% DPS loss on Fists of Fury, meaning without Spiritual Focus it’s a 1% DPS loss to use Fists of Fury with Storm, Earth, and Fire rather than without if you’re not aware of this. That’s pretty sad for a DPS cooldown. **This MAY have been fixed by Blizzard. The clones will now cast the instant abilities that you do, while still channeling Fists of Fury. Its not elegant, but its a fix. Spinning Crane Kick will still cancel Fists of Fury anyway, so avoid using Fists of Fury directly into Spinning Crane Kick.**
  • Storm, Earth, and Fire clones stack their own Hit Combo: I heard at some point this might be considered as intentional. I find this hard to believe that so many little things would be intended to reduce the mechanics around which the class is balanced to the point where a player might doubt whether using their DPS cooldown is a good idea or not.
  • Storm, Earth, and Fire clones attacked banished targets, even in a cluster of crowd controlled targets: This is more of a quality of life change, but just like I how I dislike when 33% of my damage is wasted on the immune Eye of Il’Gynoth, I dislike it even more when my Earth Spirit goes to Fists of Fury a banished target and breaks Paralysis or Hex in the process.

Some other notable targets in dungeons are tagged as in combat at all times and Storm, Earth, and Fire clones will aggro them. The trash packs before Corstilax in the Arcway and Sentries in Court of Stars are two such targets which can ruin a good run.

These are not bugs – apparently working as intended, Windwalk along folks.

So early during alpha, developers were toying around with Storm, Earth, and Fire as a toggle and Tigereye Brew as a DPS cooldown. Many different ideas were tried, each with its own issues. Everything was all right because it was alpha and we didn’t expect things to work perfectly. We were happy developers were letting us test so that we could get a feel of it.

One day, Tigereye Brew was removed and we were told Storm, Earth, and Fire was now our DPS cooldown, on single target and AoE. We were given two stacks of it to replicate our on demand burst from Warlords of Draenor and Storm, Earth, and Fire stopped being a DPS loss on single target.
Or did it? When this change happened, Celestalon was very good at communicating with the players, going as far as to hop in the community discord for Windwalkers, answering questions. That place was way less crowded back then and a good discussion took place.
Among things brought up on forums and in Discord was the issue that Storm, Earth, and Fire had been buggy in the past. Many players were uncomfortable with it being our DPS cooldown considering how the clones behaved in the past. The concept looked very unreliable but the idea was really cool and exciting.

We were told that since it was now our DPS cooldown, developers would be aware of it and quicker to fix things not affecting it. And here we are today, more than half a year later. Out of maybe a dozen bugs affecting Storm, Earth, and Fire, only the one where our mastery didn’t affect the clones damage (meaning Storm, Earth, and Fire was a DPS loss with a strong mastery proc) ended up being fixed.

I believe Windwalker is NOT Blizzard’s highest priority; we’re a small part of the community and our spec is niche, under represented and always kind of tricky to play. Can we have some quality of life changes for once?

I’m not asking for everything to get fixed but Storm, Earth, and Fire reducing your damage is very triggering.

  • This is something I think would help a lot with Windwalker’s issues. I’ve said it before, it can be very annoying for a PvP player to lose 50% of his damage while his pets are up. If they get crowd controlled, he can’t really do much and should cancel the buff, which is sad. PvP players are mostly using Serenity, which makes sense, having only one talent choice for a major cooldown is silly.
  • I’ve suggested this many times before; now that Storm, Earth, and Fire is a single target spell, there is no real reason not to have the main clone deal 100% of the player’s damage and the other two deal something like 15% of the player’s damage. This might look like a nerf of 5% damage buff when looking at numbers alone; clone AI and player control would cause it to be a strong buff.
  • There is no reason not to have this change happen. +30% damage is very relevant, +45% with Spiritual Focus if nothing changed. It could be tuned easily, but more importantly than anything, there would be no way Storm, Earth, and Fire could end up being a DPS loss.

I’ll try to go back to discussing these talents, giving players tips about how to play Serenity while it’s their best option. But above all, I hope we can discuss this issue with developers better than by getting tweets like this. Storm, Earth, and Fire was supposed to be the iconic spell of the new Windwalker. Windwalker is very strong and in a decent spot and can compete with Rogue despite having lower utility. We crush dungeons, and raids, but Storm, Earth, and Fire is a failure. Let’s make this change folks 🙁

Hopefully, this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read don’t hesitate to scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.


  1. Chillypalmer

    The way I use SEF is I pop it about 6-7 seconds before FoF is up to allow my clones to build hit combo, then channel FoF. I’ve been seeing decent results but the sims for Serenity are bothering me.

    Does anyone know which SEF bugs the sims account for? Are they assuming worst case scenario ie: FoF clipping, clones facing the wrong way, blah blah blah, or just the standard stuff like hit combo, haste, old war?

    1. Babylonius

      Just the standard stuff like hit combo, haste, and old war. You don’t need to adhere strictly to the sims, if you are seeing good results with SEF then stick with it. Some people see WDP > Serenity on the sims due to wacky haste or other stats, but it doesn’t mean that Serenity will be worse than WDP automatically.

    1. Babylonius

      Then it takes even better play for Serenity to stay ahead, so you should probably play WDP unless you’re really really good with Serenity

  2. Steven

    So, I’m confused a little bit with the guide with Serenity with ToD available to you. The rotation seems odd.

    I’ve been using ToD into Serenity > RsK > SoTWL > FoF > RsK > BoK and that’s about it ToD goes off and serenity is over with at that point.

    You have the rotation utilizing SCK, is this when ToD is on CD? Just curious.

    1. Steven

      I just thought the rotation I’m using above is giving bigger Gale burst damage.

      1. Windbreaker

        If you are just hitting 1 target, according to tooltips that is incorrect in my case. Is this assuming there will be at least 2 targets?

  3. Big

    Another two bugs that I saw sometimes:
    – both SEF charges are consumed at once, at least it happened a couple of weeks back, I haven’t played much the last couple of weeks.
    – Clones will cast fists of fury and stand in place even if their target dies/moves, effectively loosing all damage

    1. j

      oh man i thought i was going crazy, this is happening to me too, i found a work-around though, it’s to never press SEF again while your clones are out, it only seems to use up 2nd charge when I press it again (sometimes)… downside of this if your clone is attacking immune mob, it’s just straight up dps loss because you can’t focus them again, if you do focus them to your target, there’s risk of using up 2nd charge, lose/lose situation

  4. pouljikhan

    It would be handy if more folks talked about this on the monk forums as well. Right now I have a post up about it and people who don’t know any better are also saying meh it is fine…. This is why we don’t get things fixed….

  5. pouljikhan

    The more people that stop using SEF in raids the sooner it will get fixed. Blizz watches the talent balances closely and if one is used way more than another they buff one or nerf the other or in this case fix the bug. People need to use serenity whether they like it or not if they want this bug fixed.

    1. Author

      It triggered me a bit when they said in QnA they didn’t release patches untill it was “nearly perfect”. This SEF was not release worthy in my opinion.

  6. Fearspect

    Here’s a quick question: my current only legendary is the Drinking Horn Cover, is it still superior to be running SEF vs Serenity in this situation? I’ve tried analyzing the various sims, but am unclear if the bonus it provides from its passive ability is superior to just running Serenity instead (in which case it would just be a stat stick).

    1. Author

      I think in the current state if I was to tryhard I’d stick with serenity for serious mythic raiding, and probably use SEF for mythic dungeons besides a few ones.
      It’s sad, but we go as far as using a talent to lose SEF.

  7. Klypa

    hey! thanks for all the good content, it has helped my WW gameplay alot! my question is: I got drinking horn cover legendary yesterday, will this make playing SEF closer to serenity or should i switch to serenity?

    1. Babylonius

      If makes WDP pull much closer to Serenity so that you should probably just stick with WDP.

    2. Conjugate

      I also have the legendary wrists for a few weeks now:) and sadly they don’t make sef worth over serenity. If you have even basic knowledge of how to play serenity(or the will to learn) you should most def make the switch.

  8. Jilaw

    If I get some of my raid logs would anyone be willing to sit down with me and tell me why my deeps is so bad. It would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Babylonius

      I recommend using to see what you may be missing first. We do have log analysis as a part of our Silver reward tier for Patreon donations.

  9. Monklord

    Yeah it’s harder to play but I do enjoy the challenge and especially the numbers it can produce. Just need one thing cleared up as far as opening on a single target boss. Is it better to use serenity and than just snap shot the FoF before serenity ends or should I use FoF once prior to using serenity? This question is just for the first use of serenity after I used it once in the fight I know how to manage it from there somewhat.

    1. Dundiggs

      I agree, I’ve ran SEF for all of legion and just switched over to serenity this raid week. I’m personally seeing much better numbers in burst and overall damage for boss fights. I had the same issue monklord and im glad to say i think i finally figured it out. I guess it all depends on what sort of trinkets you’re running. Personally i have the ursoc and maw trinkets that usually proc in the first 5 secs of a pull meaning that i want to pop serenity as early as possible. This has been the best opening sequence that i have found, especially because most fights have a nice 5-10 sec window of down time before any mechanics make you run away from the boss. FSK 3-5 sec before pull for a stack, then pop your potion at the 1-2 sec mark. Chi-wave and roll within the same global to get to the boss. This is where the real rotation begins: TP(for 2 chi when serenity ends)-ToD-Serenity-RSK-FoF-RSK-SotWL-SCK(better dmg than BoK)-RSK(if bloodlust is popped and you have enough haste you can fit this into serenity). After that its just a game of keeping both your chi and energy at mid-range without your hit combo falling off. I like to save energizing elixir when i’m at about 2-3 chi and no energy for a Bok/RSK-EnergizingElixir-SCK-TP-whatever is off cd. The trick is to save your energizing elixir until you’re about halfway-2/3 through your serenity cd that way the next time you feel short on energy you’ll have serenity coming back up in the nick of time.
      Hope it helped.
      P.S. its always better to save FoF for the last 1-2 sec of serenity but because its already off cd to start you take the full FoF in your serenity otherwise you’re wasting FoF cd time. You can use FoF at the end of all your serenitys after the first one. Being a monk in legion is using FoF, RSK, and SoTWl literally right as they come off cd if you do it correctly you’ll find that the cd timers end up lining up almost perfectly.

  10. Phuumyn

    Maybe I overlooked it, but is there a point where SEF/WDP is better than Serenity. On my sim results Serenity is shown to be 13% behind SEF/WDP. How would one go about translating that into real game scenarios assuming simcraft doesnt account for all these bugs.

    1. Babylonius

      The point is skill. If you’re good enough, Serenity can be better in all situations. And pretty much all these bugs are implemented into SimC.

      1. Caspy

        I also got the legendary bracers and have also been using SEF/WDP since then. Noticed the bugs too, but you can sorta play around it in most cases. (Obviously that shouldnt be needed) But those bracers probably make WDP outweigh serenity right?

        1. Babylonius

          It closes the gap more and makes you need to play Serenity even better to stay ahead. You’re probably better off sticking with WDP and trying to play around the bugs.

      2. Phuumyn

        Thanks for the quick reply. This makes a feel better about the situation since I find I play better with SEF/WDP.

      3. Conjugate

        One of the most crucial bugs in the post(especially for ST damage) is not implemented in simc(or at least not accounted for in the APL if it IS implemented in simc, which I doubt).

        Talking about the SEF-haste bug.

        It should make the gap between wdp and sere even bigger.

  11. Alalik

    My stupid crazy travel schedule has not allowed me as much time here or on discord asking about this as I would have liked, but I have to say that in general I find playing with Serenity…kinda boring. I know I’m not pushing the top of the charts or anything (signed up for warcraft logs this xpac so *most* of my EN fights are on there – harsh criticisms welcome if anyone chooses), and tbf my guild isn’t in mythic yet – 5/7h (on our low-pop server this makes us #2 raiding horde guild; yay for low expectations!), but for the week or so I played with Serenity, though I noticed a DPS increase overall, I just wasn’t having as much fun waiting around trying to time everything around CD management. I suspect I’d be able to get past these issues with more practice and patience, but for now I’ve decided to live with the bugs and go with – what I find to be – the more fast-paced play style. Maybe it’s just a personal preference, though.

    Either way, very much appreciate the look back at SEF’s issues, and seriously hoping they get worked out.

  12. Buns

    Hello, avid reader and long time monk enthusiast here.

    I have experienced a lot of problems and lack of response/change from Blizzard towards SEF. How would you suggest going about this unfavorable situation? Is there any way to voice our concerns better?

    I also have the legendary bracer, and have been using SEF since then. Still, I dislike the bugginess, and clones doing their own things/clipping skills. At times I feel its not even worth using…

    Along with limiting our use of certain trinkets, potions, and synergies; this has Monks a lot less flexible towards gearing, encounters, and play styles.

    1. Babylonius

      We just have to keep trying to bring it to Blizzard’s attention the right way as we have been.

      1. Conjugate

        Have you considered the chance that maybe this approach is, you know, not working?

        That post by panda is a GREAT step in the right direction, but reporting the same bugs for half a year with nothing done and expecting that “we will just keep doing the same until things get sorted” is delusional, bordering on stupid.

        “the right way” needs to ummm, show results in order to be deemed “right”. When we get 0 communication about severe bugs there’s nothing right about that.

        You wanna move things? There is a way.

        Blizzard, whether you like this very-practical approach or not, is a business. They want to make money. There IS a reason that massive rant threads by warlocks and the likes bring results. When people are discontent and show it CLEARLY, blizzard feels the need to do something about it. When a couple of respectful gentlemen make private bug reports, as nice as these fellows might be, there’s nothing URGENT about it. They might get to it, eventually. They might not. Usually not.

        You want to change things? stop being nice.

        Make a mess.

        it’s –EASY– to make a mess when you have influence on the community, and you HAVE influence. When things are BAD there’s nothing WRONG about letting people know about it. I’m getting the feeling you don’t want to scare people by making them think there’s something wrong with monks. But you are just hiding the truth from them and hurting them even more in the process.

        So what do I mean by “making a mess”? surely not torching blizzard’s headquarters or something, I’ll give some examples, but they KEY is – things need to LOOK bad if they ARE bad. Public relations matter a LOT.

        When some Blizzard dude checks something in the monk discord(and you can be sure blizzard people look in class discord channels, same as they were/are checking community forums), and he sees the hot topics of discussion are major bugs with the spec, this is progress. When he sees “X is not working, you should stay away from it”, this is progress. When he sees “X is bugged but don’t worry about it! just play around the bugs and it will be ALMOST(??) as good as the alternative” this is NOT PROGRESS. Your answers ALWAYS reflect the “don’t worry about it” attitude. It almost seems as if you don’t want those bugs to be fixed at all.

        -Every sticky, guide, bot response or whatever that has to do with WDP should CLEARLY state that there are currently major bugs with SEF.
        -Encourage people to voice their concern about these bugs in official and public channels(aka tweets, forum threads, …).
        -Convoluted guides to handle the bugs in order to show how bizarre the current state is, for example auras with BE CAREFUL NOT TO CAST ANYTHING YOUR CLONES ARE STILL CHANNELING, analysis of how TERRIBLE clones are in aiming their FoF properly in multitarget situations(almost always, your FoF would do more damage if you just cancelled SEF before using it on multiple enemies), statistics showing that nobody uses SEF in let’s say, high end PVP, and so on…

        Imagine you are a blizzard representative and you look in WW discord. You need to feel uneasy. You need to think “wait, did we actually make such a royal mess?”. You need to feel you want to change this, because after all, you DO want to make the game better.

        Or we can keep doing the same thing that has been working GREAT in the past six months.

        Best of luck and have a nice evening:)

  13. Groukh

    SEF bug’s are the reason I’m playing Serenity, and even if I like it, I would love to just be able to play with SEF sometimes without losing tons of dps because of the bugs.
    SEF just feels awkward sometimes, you keep having to delay your spells because your clons might not replicate it correctly.

    En tout cas, merci Panda pour l’article !

  14. Monklord

    I’m currently 868 ilvl and have been putting up pretty good numbers using SEF. I didn’t bother looking at top rankings until yesterday and saw what the serenity monks are putting up. The top 5 are around 60-80k ahead of me if not more on some fights. So now I’m interested in playing with serenity but I’m a bit confused on a few things. On our opener should we use a FoF once before popping serenity? I understand the waiting till last 2 seconds of serenity to snap shot the CD of FoF part. Should I never pop serenity unless SotWL will be avalible sometime during serenitys duration? Also I feel like my aoe in mythic + has been worse w/o WDP but that might be cause I’m tunneling trying to manage serenitys effectiveness and not tagging multiple mobs for SCK. If you could post a solid opener for single target boss fights using serenity that would be awesome too :^).

    Thx love you will donate to the cause

    1. Babylonius

      Serenity is harder to play. There are recommended openers on each of the guides to give you an idea of what may be best. You definitely want to be able to pop SotW inside Serenity, this requires delaying Serenity slightly so that it will fit in. If you feel you perform better with WDP then stick with it until you have more time to practice Serenity.

  15. Garf

    Oui c’est ca le truc , j’ai pas vraiment l’habitude de l’utilisé je vais l’essayer sur nythendra mais bon si je me tape la pourriture first sur l’hero+serenyté je vais pleuré :p

    J’ai vu le xordy guide mais franchement ils me disent qu’a moins de up de 16 ilvl (je trouve ca énorme) car sert a rien.

  16. Oehru

    Storm, Earth, and Fire was not benefiting from Cinidaria, the Symbiote: I have not tested this legendary since beta testing so I am unsure if this is still the case.

    -> Got the legendary a few days ago, it it definitely still the case.

    1. Author

      Thanks a lot oehru; sad news, this one must be extremely frustrating.

  17. Talby

    I cant imagine its intentional since Shaman Elemental’s, which are also classified as guardians, are getting there cast times reduced by Lust effects. I’m not a fan of the double standard.

  18. Dundiggs

    Oh I didn’t realize you had posted this pandanaconda, I’d like your input on my comment as well if you would.

  19. pouljikhan

    They should just not calculate the clones attacks independently. They should simply use the flat damage coming out of the WW multiply it by the 150% and divide it among the targets currently being focused by the monk and his clones. For FoF, and SotWL they could always apply the damage as if the clone was standing right behind his current target. It might be a little clunky to have him damage someone with FoF even if he is not right next to it, but far less clunky than the way it currently works.

  20. Shakugan

    Part of me wants to think that this had, be it very little. Some degree of why blizzard is adding a new 2500 stat potion in 7.1 (Likely to be nerfed). Since that potion’s value wouldn’t be diminished with SEF.

  21. Dundiggs

    I thought i was the only one seeing the tons and tons of bugs that S.E.F. has in its inner workings. I’ve been using it since the release of legion and always thought that it had to be the better option over serenity. Lately I’ve been seeing monks pull higher numbers with serenity just as you explained here, on both single target and AOE. This started to really frustrate me especially when i heard that the clones don’t benefit from any buffs that we work so hard to apply to ourselves and maintain throughout the fight. That being said i wanted to pick your brain about an opener that I have been testing out recently. I read through all your serenity blog posts and came up with this, let me know what you think:
    My main opener on boss fights tends to be this exact same line-up every time now..

    TP-RSK-TP-BoK-TP-FoF-TP-ToD(macrod with blood fury racial)-TP-SCK (usually left with 1-2 chi before serenity depending on the free BoK proc)

    At this exact moment FoF seems to be at the 15-16 sec mark on its cd (affected by haste obviously)
    So i pop Serenity as you described and follow this rotation:

    RSK-BoK-SCK-BoK-SCK-SoTW-RSK-FoF ( barely sneaking in that last FoF cast )

    Obviously i then TP-RSK out of Serenity (with 1-2 chi still from when i entered it) and start my normal rotation, using energizing elixir when i hit the point of no energy and no chi.

    Should i be starting off the fight with RSK? Or should I be TP-BoK-TP-FoF instead?
    It seems that in the rotation i do now, I have the max stacks of hit combo right before i go into serenity and have no problem with energy capping or chi capping. I’m just worried that I’m starting my burst too late into the fight.

    Thanks for all you do for the Windwalker community and let me know what you think of my rotation,
    Dundiggs (Lightbringer-Horde)

    1. Felix

      Cancelling 2 ticks of clones’ FoF is less than a 27% DPS loss because the clones don’t fully benefit from Hit Combo and TtP anyways :^)

      1. Author

        Haha sure, just meant the overall change it did. In fact it’s less, but for reasons that go towards making SEF bad anyways. You’re still missing out on a huge chunk of FoF damage just by canceling last tick on clones, and if you’re not aware you’re likely to do that unintentionally. 🙁

        1. Garf

          Yo panda je poste en fr :p

          Ça vaut le coup ce soir si je test raid hm avec serenité ? ou il vaut mieux resté avec les clones, je me tâte car le gameplay est vachement appauvri :s

          Ps: j’ai eu une relic sur ma cache hebdo, une M9 de guerre qui me rajoute 10 d’ilvl mais le passif est le plus pourri possible (le truc qui réduit le cd de toucher mortel ) sachant que j’ai 3 relic qui up fof je sais pas quoi faire … 5% de perte sur fof par rapport a 10 ilvl d’arme c’est rentable ?

          1. Author

            Ya un post sur les reliques dans le wordy guide!

            Je te conseille de tester un peu serenité avant de la sortir en raid; franchement en mono c’est vraiment pas difficile de s’en servir, mais être capable de le faire parfaitement sur des fights plus compliqués c’est moins évident.
            Ca fait partie des sorts qui peuvent juste faire 0 si t’es pas au point, c’est frustrant.

          2. Garf

            Oui c’est ca le truc , j’ai pas vraiment l’habitude de l’utilisé je vais l’essayer sur nythendra mais bon si je me tape la pourriture first sur l’hero+serenyté je vais pleuré :p

            J’ai vu le xordy guide mais franchement ils me disent qu’a moins de up de 16 ilvl (je trouve ca énorme) car sert a rien.

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