Strike of the Windlord Nerf

In Legion by Babylonius

So the day many feared, but we all knew was coming, finally came. Blizzard noticed, as the rest of the world did, that Windwalker damage was too high in dungeons. The clear culprit was Strike of the Windlord, a 40s cooldown that would do millions of damage to any trash pack unlucky enough to be in its way. The main issue with Strike of the Windlord is that, because of how dungeon trash is spread out, it was available just about every pack to annihilate their health bars.

Was this fun? Hell Yes! Was it balanced? Lol No!

So Blizzard decided to make a change to make it do reduced damage to secondary targets in the same way that Fists of Fury did in Warlords and, as I’ve been told, Boomkins Full Moon does in Legion. What this means is that it does 100% damage to the primary target (the one you have targeted) then each other target is hit with damage equal to 100% divided by the total number of targets. Example:

  1. 1 target – 100% damage to the main target
  2. 2 targets – 100 damage to the main target then 50% to the second target
  3. 3 targets – damage split 100/33/33
  4. 4 targets – 100/25/25/25
  5. 10 targets – 100/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10

As you can see, as the targets go higher, the closer the total damage gets to, but never reaches, 200%. This is a huge change from 100% per target. But to be honest, most of us were really confused when they made Strike of the Windlord and Fists of Fury do that much AOE damage in the Alpha/Beta, we knew it would get out of hand this way. And out of hand it got.

Sure, other specs can keep up with WW in trash packs, but none of them had a single button that was as strong.

So what now? How much of a nerf was this? What will happen to Strike of the Windlord? Find out next on DRAGON BALL Z!!

The short answer is, Strike of the Windlord  won’t be used in AOE situations above 5 targets (Updated 9/20). This means I’ll have to redo my Spinning Crane Kick chart, bummer. If you just remove Strike of the Windlord from the equation, it’s roughly 20% less AOE damage overall. Thankfully, WW was 25-30% higher than most other specs in AOE. We’ll still be toward the head of the class.

But rejoice my Windwalker brethren (and sisteren?), for our lord and AOE savior has always been here, just under appreciated by most: Spinning Crane Kick!

For anyone who has done a trash pack without Strike of the Windlord available, you should know how much damage Spinning Crane Kick is capable of, even with mediocre play. Because of Strike of the Windlord‘s long cooldown and Spinning Crane Kick‘s semi-spammability, it can very easily pass Strike of the Windlord in DPS. With two additional Chi from Strike of the Windlord allocated to SCK during AOE, that just makes the effect of this nerf even smaller.

So I say unto you, do not give in to despair that the AOE damage from Strike of the Windlord is greatly lessened, but take solace in the fact that the truly OP AOE ability has been with us all along, and rejoice that the changes do not effect single target in the slightest. Embrace Spinning Crane Kick, learn to use it to its fullest extent, and leave the memory of the IWIN button that was Strike of the Windlord AOE fondly in the past.