Legion Sims 8.11: Legendaries

In Legion by Babylonius

So I’m finally getting around to legendaries. All of these were tested in a single target environment, and some do not have a direct DPS benefit, so I won’t try to quantify any indirect DPS benefit. Therefore I’ll note which ones don’t have a direct DPS benefit.


Control: No Legendaries – 345,393 DPS

Drinking Horn Cover (Wrist) – 360,859 DPS (+4.47%) – Obviously player skills may affect the benefit of this legendary, as will specifically lining up abilities to use back to back. Its worth noting that because Serenity reduces the cost of all Chi spenders to 0, this legendary has no effect whatsoever on Serenity.

Hidden Master’s Forbidden Touch (Hands) – 347,657 DPS (+0.65%) – It requires a second target to cast ToD on, casting it a second time on the same target will just reset the time and give no extra damage. We can theorize that it simply doubles the damage done by Touch of Death, or roughly 17k DPS based on the character I was simming with (details can be found at the bottom of any simulation report) if you are using it perfectly on cooldown. Understand that many abilities also gain 100% damage on second targets, making that increase relative, so I just included the damage resulting from the change in stats.

Katsuo’s Eclipse (Boots) – 372,535 DPS (+7.86%) – The majority of damage that comes from this legendary comes from other abilities besides Fists of Fury. Because Fists of Fury has a set cooldown, this just frees up more Chi to use on Blackout Kick and to make Rising Sun Kick and Strike of the Windlord easier to use.

March of the Legion (Ring) – No direct DPS benefit. The benefit from this comes in being able to move out of damaging mechanics and stick to your target better, which is impossible to quantify. I will say, personally, that I remember the noticeable benefit from the old +7% and +8% movement speed enchants to boots, so the idea of having +25% movement speed is very impressive to me. For those who were around when it was progression, could you imagine doing Heroic Lich King with 25% movement speed? Honestly its amazing.

Sephuz’s Secret (Ring) – Another legendary that’s nearly impossible to quantify. It depends heavily on fight design and timing. It will likely be mostly useful during trash, as most targets in a boss encounter can’t be CC’d.

Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus (Neck) – Obviously no direct DPS benefit other than keeping you alive, which is always helpful. A shield of 15% of your health is never something to scoff at.

Cinidaria, the Symbiote (Belt) – 360,843 DPS (+4.47%) – The efficacy of this legendary comes heavily with fight design. The simulation assumes a relatively even distribution of boss health and consistent decrease. Obviously if you’re popping cooldowns at the start, 100%-90% won’t last as long as 90%-80%, and so on, will. Some fights may see more or less benefit from this legendary.

Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred (Back) – It’s very difficult to sim this since Touch of Karma is technically a defensive ability. However, were you to use Touch of Karma offensively, it can generate roughly an additional 13.5k DPS based on the character I was simming, if you use it on cooldown and redirect the maximum amount of damage. With the legendary, you go from 50% health to 200% health every 90s, for 4x the damage. So in theory, if you’re able to use it to its maximum effectiveness, you can gain up to 54k DPS. This is absolutely BANANAS, but obviously, comes with great risks to your character’s health and your healer’s stress level. It will be pretty well impossible to use to 100% effectiveness all the time, and I want to stress that Touch of Karma is a defensive ability first, it’s our strongest defensive, so there is ton of risks using it offensively unless you have the utmost (practically insane) confidence in your knowledge of the fight and your healer’s abilities. Personally, I want this because of the increased survivability rather than the increased DPS.

What does this mean

So basically, of the few that can be somewhat simulated they are ranked:

  1. Katsuo’s Eclipse
  2. Drinking Horn Cover
  3. Cinidaria, the Symbiote

The rest are difficult or impossible to simulate. In terms of maximum possible damage, Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred is the clear winner but is both incredibly difficult and risky to try and maximize. Hidden Master’s Forbidden Touch can be very strong if there is multiple targets, and may even have the possibility to abuse with Death Art in very specific circumstances. The other legendaries, March of the LegionSephuz’s Secret, and Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus provide some very nice quality of life and survivability improvements. 

March of the Legion provides the largest overall raid improvement where 15% movement speed to all melee and tanks, and anyone in raids can result in a huge difference. In my opinion it is the top legendary available to any class. It can, overall, provide more added damage and reduce more avoidable damage than anything that exists.


Hopefully this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read don’t hesitate to scroll to the top or just below to subscribe and support WtW.