Legion Sims 8.3: Artifact Paths

In Legion by Babylonius

A few weeks ago there we some updates and changes to artifact traits that I detailed in this blog post: Legion Beta; Build 22201. Basically, it helped to balance the directions of taking traits clockwise (CW) vs counterclockwise (CCW), where clockwise was noticeably better before the change.

I ran some sims through AMR today to test out the changes. I put all the results into a GoogleSheet complete with links to what each artifact step looks like and the sims that the DPS came from. I only ran 1000 iterations or so; I wasn’t running 10k or more iterations for 28 different things, it’d take all week.


What this means

Basically what it means is that for single target, as expected, counter clockwise is the best path. Counter clockwise catches up, and even passes, clockwise at several points due to the power of several traits. For example, although CCW is best at the beginning; at 11 traits purchased, the power spike from Crosswinds compared to Gale Burst is more than enough to make up for the difference, making CW the best path at that point. However, by the next set of traits, CW loses most of its edge, and by 15 traits, CCW is back on top. The next time CW pulls ahead is at 23 traits where it pulls back ahead, likely due to the synergy between Fists of the Wind, Crosswinds, and Transfer the Power. This only lasts for one trait, as at 24, CCW is back in the lead for the rest of the time.

Its possible that CW is functionally useful because of the increased AOE damage from SCK while leveling. However, the maximum difference between them is less than 4%, so going either direction won’t change very much. Overall it currently looks like counter-clockwise is best for single target damage. If I ever get around to testing out multitarget stuff maybe I’ll test this too.

To see the artifact paths in an image and continually updated information about them then check out the Artifacts tab of the TLDR Guide and Wordy Guide.