From Me to You

In General by Babylonius

So since there have been many, many new people coming to the site, and the site has seen traffic that I couldn’t have imagined, I thought I’d say thanks to those who are helping the site to reach as far as it has.

Quick Intro

So for anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m Babylonius. Nice to meet you. I’ve been playing WoW for almost 10 years, minus a few breaks during college. I started my Monk during MoP and it became my main shortly before Throne of Thunder was released. Since that time I’ve worked to help the Windwalker community as much as I can. I’ve been moderating MMO-Champion’s Monk forums for almost three years and working through there to help people looking to learn or improve as a Windwalker Monk.

Around December of 2014, I started to realize that many of the questions I was answering were getting increasingly more repetitive. I determined that part of this was because of the lack of continually updated guides or websites that people could look at for all of their Windwalker needs. I built on the information and guides from CalligraphyHinalover and others, and at the end of March 2015, I started

Started from the bottom

The original WtW started just as something to pass the time and a site that I could link to people so they could find the answers they wanted, and the ones that they didn’t know they needed yet. It was also a way for me to distract myself from the stress that was wedding planning. I started with a guide that had no extra stuff, no fluff, just what you needed to know in a way that would be easy to understand. I added a FAQ page for things that didn’t fit into the guide and eventually things like spotlights for spells that were confusing and encounter guides because that’s what people asked for.

I started to notice that people were visiting from places that I wasn’t posting links. Initially, the site had only a few visitors, and I’d get excited if we topped 100 views in a day. Eventually, it became the main Windwalker guide that was continually updated as many others aren’t checked on a nearly daily basis. I became more involved in the community, posting my contact information for people to come to me for help. Slowly I noticed that the site was getting more and more traffic. I’d start to get excited if we hit 100 visitors, then 200, then 300 visitors in a day. I remember when it first had 500 views and I was ecstatic; people were looking at what I had created.

Now we’re here

Around the start of 2016, I realized that with the expansion approaching, it was a good time to expand, promote, and improve the site. I enlisted the help of Pandanaconda and Ruhye, two players who had been active in making their own guides and who are able to look at things from a different perspective. I started the new site,, got the domain name, set it up with the help of Reglitch, and imported the old site to the new one. And we were off and running.

We’ve been trying to post thoughts and experiences as we played with the changes in Alpha, Beta, and PTR, and prepare the website for becoming the main resource for Windwalker monks, so I’d hope. I took over the job of writing the guide for WoWHead, assisting with the guide on IcyVeins, while maintaining moderating MMOC, and Discord, meaning that I am incredibly busy, on top a full-time job, wife, and 4-month-old daughter. Who’s cuter than you can imagine, by the way.

Now the site is promoted from everywhere I have the ability to do so, and people are linking it to one another to answer each other’s questions when I’m not around. Two weeks ago I was over the moon about having 500 unique visitors in a day. That was quickly out paced by over 1000 visitors a few days later. I guess that meant we’re doing something right. It also means I needed to expand the hardware to match the increased demand.

The future (and a shameless plug)

I get countless messages a day from people who enjoy the site and the information we provide in the form that we provide it. So many that I joked about adding some infomercial testimonials just for fun. We’re all constantly getting asked questions on Discord while making changes to the guides and pages to reflect new information, help clarify what is confusing and plan out future additions so that we can continue to provide the best possible information in the best possible way.

For months the site was free and was just a hobby with my free time. However, its taken off and required hardware and costs to maintain and doing all this in so many places is almost a full time job some days. Because of this, I have set up a Paypal and Patreon page for anyone who wants to show their support for us and for the site that way. Whether you give a $1 or $10 or $100 or (pretty please) $1000, everything is hugely appreciated and goes to helping to pay for the site and the time that we put into it. It helps me show my wife that I’m not just wasting all this time that I’m sitting in front of my computer and being constantly on call through Discord :-D.

This will be the only time I’ll make any post asking for support, but with the success we’re seeing, I thought now would be as good a time as any. No content will ever be locked behind a pay wall, so don’t worry about missing out if you can’t spare some change. I’m not doing this to make money… but it certainly doesn’t hurt. We will also look to our patrons to help decide what further content we should add to the site as time goes on. So if you’d like to support the site and have a small hand in it’s direction; then click the links below or under the “Support WtW” tab at the top of the page or on the front page. Whether you support with a one time donation or a monthly pledge, it is all greatly appreciated and keeps me, and us, doing what we’re doing for the community.

Thanks to everyone who enjoys our site, and here’s to another Expansion of providing the best information to everyone who needs it.