WtW Guide to Pre-Patch

In Legion, Warlords of Draenor by Babylonius

With Pre-Patch being released on July 19th, I thought I’d write up a quick guide to what you need to know for the few weeks between 7.0 and Legion. Check out the FAQ and TL:DR guide plus all the changes from Warlords to Legions through my blogs posts: Spellbook Changes  |   Talent Changes

Stat Priority

**UPDATED: July 30**

Whirling Dragon Punch – Agility >> Mastery > Critical = Haste = Versatility

Serenity – Agility >> Mastery >> Critical = Versatility > Haste

Gems and enchants follow this stat priority as well.


HFC Tier is still very strong, even with the changes. For most gear follow the stat priority above.

For trinkets, Hinalover ran sims for trinkets; (CLICK HERE). If they’re not demons then Sacred Draenic Incense and most any other trinket are all very close to each other; Chipped Soul, and Stone of the Elements becoming powerful possibilities, so if you ever disenchanted or sold either one, be sure to use the Item Restoration to get it back. Sacred Draenic Incense is still the strongest trinket with Infallible Tracking Charm being the next strongest if the target is a demon, as they typically are in HFC.

For weapons, focus on your highest ilvl 1H weapons.  On all but weapons, sockets are worth more than WF upgrades.


**Updated August 3** Storm, Earth, and Fire has been fixed, it now correctly benefits from Mastery.

Once again, Hina to the rescue: CLICK HERE. For single target, the top talents are Chi Wave, Power Strikes, Hit Combo, and Whirling Dragon Punch. Many talents are within a very small range, so you can somewhat pick what you enjoy. For Multiple targets use Chi Burst, Power Strikes, Hit Combo, and Whirling Dragon Punch. You can take Energizing Elixir since its close behind in many situations in order to get used to it for Legion.


See the TL;DR guide, the rotation there is appropriate, just ignore Strike of the Windlord until you get the artifact in Legion.


With Serenity: Chi Wave prepull -> FSK to boss -> EE -> RSK -> TOD -> Serenity + FoF -> SCK -> BoK -> SCK -> RSK -> SCK -> FoF -> RSK or something close to this

With Whirling Dragon Punch: Chi Wave prepull -> FSK to boss -> EE -> SEF -> RSK -> TP -> TOD -> FoF -> WDP -> RSK -> follow priority


If there’s anything else you feel is necessary then let me know here or through Discord.