Legion Sims – 7.16

In Legion by Babylonius

Enchant Choices

As I write up my WoWHead guide, and slowly catch myself up to the changes that are not Windwalker specific. I decided to take a look at the enchants since they are a little interesting.

CloakWord of Agility – No brainer, Agi is our best stat.

RingWord of Mastery – All the ring enchants are secondary stats, so we’ll just be using whatever is top of the stat priority that time.

Neck: Here’s where it gets interesting, as there is a variety of enchants that do a few different things. I ran them through AMR’s simulator and here’s what I got:

Looking at these results, Mark of the Hidden Satyr is the clear winner. They all cost the same materials, so there’s no point in looking at one as a cheap alternative.

Food Choices

Most of the food is straightforward stat increases. However, there is Fishbrul Special which functions basically the same as Felmouth Frenzy. I took a look at how they all stacked up:

Obviously, Pandaren will benefit more from the stat food than other races, so I tested a Pandaren using the Mastery food, Nightborne Delicacy Platter, since that was the highest simming stat food. Nightborne Delicacy Platter (Mastery) came out to 309624 DPS (Log) compared to 310815 DPS (Log) with Fishbrul Special. This means that under all circumstances, Fishbrul Special is the preferred food, with the stat food bringing up the rear, likely in order of the stat priority.

This could be *theoretically* extrapolated that Mastery is the best stat at 110, but I am far from able or willing to say anything official. Right now AMR isn’t ready to toss out stat weights, but we’ll have some from AMR and/or SimCraft ready for Legion by the end of August.