Legion Sims – 7.14

In Legion by Babylonius

Single Target Talent Choices in 22201

There were a few new changes to the Beta, in Build 22201. And by “a few ” I mean “a bunch” I discussed all the changes in yesterday’s post: Legion Beta – Build 22201. In addition to the buffs we received on Beta. AskMrRobot’s simulator had a few bugs fixed and changes made to reflect the reality of Beta. So understand that the difference, in reality, isn’t quite the same as it may seem on AMR.

Without changing any talents, here’s how things shook out:

*Note, that 22201 sim is an “apples to apples” comparison of just the numbers changing, no improvement on the APL or changes at all.

Obviously, there was a pretty big drop in numbers. This is partly because of the nerf to Chi Orbit, which was a cornerstone of damage previously. It also is due to AMR updating several factors: Touch of Death doing 50% health + Mastery, Transfer the Power providing 1% increased Fists of Fury damage per stack, and getting Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits to accurately cast Strike of the Windlord.


I updated the APL with the new changes based on what does the most damage per Chi, which had proven to be a good starting place.



Talent Comparison

I tried these Talent combinations, the only changes really come from the last tier, so I’ll be using this template and changing the lv90 and lv100 talents:

So right now it looks like Hit Combo is better than Rushing Jade Wind from lv90 talents, and lv100 talents look like Whirling Dragon Punch > Serenity** > Chi Orbit. Remember that this is purely for single target, and talents like Rushing Jade Wind are likely to gain importance with any additional targets. I will look at tweaks to the Single Target APL and Multitarget scenarios over the next few days.

**Note: Serenity may be stronger than it appears due to needing its own special APL to follow during the buff which I have not worked on. This isn’t a guarantee, just a possibility. It is perfectly possible that it is still a smidge behind Whirling Dragon Punch.