Legion Sims – 7.8

In Legion by Babylonius

After some suggestions from a commenter, Siya, on yesterday’s post with a new idea for some tweaks to the APL I ran some sims to check things out and confirm.

New Best APL

Basically, there were two changes: the first an additional Tiger Palm to use when you did not just cast it (if not WasLastCast(TigerPalm)), you have room for the extra Chi (and AlternatePower < 4), and you are about to cap energy (and Power > (MaxPower*0.9)). The other is purely temporary; only using Strike of the Windlord outside of Storm, Earth, and Fire and removing the Strike of the Windlord requirement to use Storm, Earth, and Fire in the first place. This is because currently there’s a bug with AMR’s simulator where the clones do not cast Strike of the Windlord. It has been reported to them so hopefully it will be fixed shortly. This bug is likely why Strike of the Windlord has been simming curiously low in the APL.

As a side note, Hinalover got confirmation from Blizz that the Touch of Death change is intended, so it will now do 50% of our health  and be increased by mastery. This is a necessary change as one button doing that much of our overall damage was a little ridiculous. In addition to this, Transfer the Power is currently doing 1% increased FoF damage rather than the 5% on the tooltip, which was confirmed to also be intended. 5% was WAY too much for a trait that wasn’t golden. Neither of these will likely be reflected in the tooltips any time soon.