Legion Sims – 7.7

In Legion by Babylonius

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Yesterday we got some changes to the Beta build, the new version is 22133. You can find a summary of the changes and how they should affect the class in my previous post: Legion Beta – Build 22133. Unfortunately, what I didn’t notice that food, enchants, and gems were also nerfed. A side effect of this is that Pandaren won’t be quite as strong due to a weaker bonus from the food racial.

As a response, I ran some more sims using AMR. I still found that the previous rotation that was best, continues to be best. This means that I used these talents. Since AMR updated, I’m able to share the APL; HERE.

Change between builds (Using Pandaren):

Most of our abilities got buffed, but the overall nerf to consumables hurt every class, not just Windwalker. In general, because of the small buffs we received, WW should be hurt less between these patches than many other specs.

I also tested the difference between races, only using Pandaren because of the food change, Draenei/Blood Elf because they were previous best, and Orc/Dwarf as they were previously worst. All other races can be expected to fall somewhere in between.

Summary: Pandaren were hurt most by this change; their racial lost them quite a bit of traction. However, that’s all relative as from the top to the bottom is only 2.85%, which is extremely low, and generally  too small to need to worry about changing races to accommodate. Obviously, most will ignore this advice because one race “has to be better”, but it’s well within the standard deviation of random RNG.


I will keep posting new simulation results as I test them. I have not yet worked on a definitive AOE rotation, but it should be pretty straight forward since nearly all our single target abilities, also hit multiple targets.