Legion Beta – Build 22133

In Legion by Babylonius

There was a Beta build with some mild changes last night:


  • Ascension  – Increases your maximum Chi by 1, and your Energy regeneration by 15% 10%.


  • Fists of Fury – Pummels all targets in front of you, dealing [ 2,500% [ 2,625% of AP ] damage over 4 sec. Can be channeled while moving. Monk – Windwalker Spec. 3 Chi. Melee range. 4 sec cast (Channeled). 24 sec cooldown.
  • Rising Sun Kick – Kick upwards, dealing [ 750% [ 790% of AP ] damage, and reducing the effectiveness of healing on the target for 10 sec.
  • Tiger Palm – Attack with the palm of your hand, dealing [ 1 + AP ] damage. 90% of AP ] damage.
  • Blackout Kick –  Kick with a blast of Chi energy, dealing [ 325% [ 335% of AP ] Physical damage. 1 Chi. Melee range.

Overall these changes are minor buffs to most of our abilities. The slight decrease in Tiger Palm‘s damage doesn’t really mean very much. Ascension‘s change seems odd since it wasn’t currently the best talent anyway. The biggest thing that these effect is that, with full artifacts; Rising Sun Kick does almost twice the damage as Rushing Jade Wind; which, coupled with the Blackout Kick buff, means that Hit Combo may pull ahead on pure single target. However, if a second target exists even occasionally during the fight, the extra damage from Rushing Jade Wind will keep it better.

I’ll run some sims hopefully tomorrow once they’re implemented into AMR, and I’ll be starting to post the results as time goes on and things change.