Babs on Legion 4: Artifacts

In Legion by Babylonius

For the 4th part I’ll be covering the new addition to the game in Legion, Artifacts.

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Chi Burst Discussion Thread

Windwalker monks get dual 1H fist weapons; Ai’burq and Alra’ed. Each artifact comes with a bevy of different traits that augment the existing abilities. Each trait has 1 or 3 ranks that you can put points into. In addition to the traits, the first points you’ll put into your artifact will give you the artifact ability, Strike of the Windlord.

Once all traits are maxed out, you’ll be able to put points into a final trait, Windborne Blows, that increases damage by a small % with each rank.

Finally, each artifact has 2, and later 3, slots for Relics that add item level and an additional point to an artifact trait. These will be earned through a variety of ways and have several different levels and combinations.

WoWHead Artifact Calculator


Rather than go through every artifact trait, the majority do exactly what they say, I’ll cover the golden talents and Transfer the Power that are a little bit more confusing or interesting.

Gale Burst

Pretty straightforward. It does push a little more emphasis into squeezing as much damage during that time as possible. It means that Touch of Death wouldn’t just be used on cooldown, but saved a few seconds until your next Fists of Fury and other big damage abilities are available, provided you don’t lose a cast later on in the fight.

It is unclear if this will synergize with the legendary Hidden Master’s Forbidden Touch to add the first Touch of Death‘s damage into the second’s Gale Burst for double dipping, similar to Soul Capacitor and Maalus, the Blood Drinker.


It does exactly what it says it does, a spirit image of you appears when you’re channeling Fists of Fury and attacks the targets for additional damage. It happens automatically, so doesn’t need to be thought about otherwise.

Tornado Kicks

Another trait that doesn’t add much thought. When you attack with Rising Sun Kick, you hit a second time for 15% damage.

Transfer the Power

While not a golden talent, it is the most interesting one that’s not golden. As it reads, Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick add a stacking buff that increases the damage of the next Fists of Fury.

In general this doesn’t require much change in play or forethought. Delaying Fists of Fury for a certain number of stacks will risk missing out on a cast later in the fight. Any stacks that are generated after Fists of Fury will just go toward the next Fists of Fury. Hence, even if a large damage phase is approaching, or cooldowns are coming back up, delaying Fists of Fury for more than a few seconds runs the risk of being an overall loss of damage if you lose a cast from later in the fight.

Artifact Power Path

This is actually more straight forward than it may appear. The answer is simple: Go Clockwise. Despite moving Fists of the Wind to the left side of the path, clockwise remains the strongest path to take. Once you get both Fists of the Wind and Gale Burst, then go back toward the start and grab Rising Winds before finishing the remaining traits. It really is that simple.


Again, something that may seem difficult, but is actually simple. The main relics that you want are ones that modify Fists of the Wind > Rising Winds > Inner Peace. For AOE you’ll want to aim for Fists of the Wind > Power of a Thousand Cranes > Inner Peace. Fists of Fury is our hardest hitting ability by a landslide, so any extra damage to it is the biggest gain. It is currently unclear how much of an ilvl increase/loss would merit switching away from a relic with Fists of the Wind ranks, I’m sure there is a point to it, but for now Fists of the Wind is all that matters.