Babs on Legion 2: Talent Changes

In Legion by Babylonius

With the second installment of my Legion series, I’ll take a look at the changes in Talents from WoD to Legion.

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Chi Burst Discussion

WoWHead talent calculator:

Tentative Recommendations: Single Target | Cleave/AOE

Warlords:     Celerity | Tiger’s Lust Momentum

Legion:    Chi Burst | Eye of the TigerChi Wave

Formerly the movement tier; in Legion this tier has been switched with what was the lv30 talents in Warlords. It now functions as our small DPS/Healing Ability tier.

As in Warlords, Chi Burst will be for AOE, and Chi Wave for single target. Eye of the Tiger will also function in single target situations but should continue to be tuned for less damage/healing than Chi Wave since it is a passive. It also will only heal the user and damage one target, were as Chi Wave can bounce to a different target with each bounce.

WarlordsChi Wave | Zen Sphere | Chi Burst

Legion: Chi Torpedo | Tiger’s Lust | Celerity

Formerly the DPS/Healing ability tier, it has been switched with what was the Warlords lv15 talents. It now functions as our Movement tier.

In Legion Tiger’s Lust and Celerity function identically to how they do in Warlords. Chi Torpedo no longer does damage or healing when you roll, it works basically the same as Momentum did in Warlords, with the addition of slightly farther roll distance.

Chi Torpedo will be the best for prolonged movement since it will provide the most movement over the longest period of time. Celerity works for regular short bursts of movement. Tiger’s Lust will likely remain the talent of choice for PvE because it provides the fastest movement and isn’t tied to Roll.

WarlordsPower Strikes | Ascension | Chi Brew

Legion: Energizing Elixir | Ascension | Power Strikes

In Legion, just like in Warlords, this tier functions as our Chi/Energy talents.

Ascension still works exactly the same, Power Strikes no longer triggers from Spinning Crane Kick or Expel Harm because one is now a chi spender, and the latter was removed. Energizing Elixir is basically Chi Brew on steroids, filling both energy and chi instantly.

Right now Energizing Elixir is the clear winner. There could be changes through tuning; Ascension may be tuned to be mainly for AOE, Energizing Elixir for burst, and Power Strikes for…. who knows.

WarlordsRing of Peace | Charging Ox Wave | Leg Sweep

LegionRing of Peace | Dizzying Kicks | Leg Sweep

Similarly to Warlords, this tier in Legion functions as our CC talents.

Ring of Peace has seen some changes; it no long incapacitates enemies, but knocks them outside of the ring if they use a harmful spell or ability. Dizzying Kicks works as it reads, slows any target you hit with Blackout KickLeg Sweep remains the same.

Ring of Peace will continue to rarely have a use, and depend heavily on fight design. Dizzying Kicks is unlikely to have a place in PvE as it’s really just a Hamstring ability to slow your target down. Leg Sweep is likely to remain the talent of choice with occasional use on boss fights, and reasonable benefit during trash.

WarlordsHealing Elixirs | Diffuse Magic | Dampen Harm

LegionHealing Elixirs | Diffuse Magic | Dampen Harm

In Legion, this continues to be our talent tier for Defensive cooldowns.

Healing Elixirs has gotten some slight changes. It is now also an active ability, in addition to the passive, that you can click for a 15% heal, having two charges and a 30s cooldown. Diffuse Magic works functionally identical to Warlords, it is simply a 60% magic damage reduction, rather than a 90%. Dampen Harm also saw its reduction lowered from 50% to 30%, but functions the same.

Healing Elixirs works, as a heal, somewhat like what Expel Harm used to. It has become more actively useful than previously, although may not see much use except for when there’s regular small hits of damage. Diffuse Magic will continue to be for magic damage and Dampen Harm for infrequent bouts of damage.

WarlordsRushing Jade Wind | Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger | Chi Torpedo

LegionRushing Jade Wind | Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger | Hit Combo

Like in Warlords, this tier is full of Damage talents.

Rushing Jade Wind continues to do AOE damage but no longer costs energy, instead costs 1 Chi. Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger is identical to Warlords. Hit Combo works like it reads, don’t repeat an ability, keep up the damage buff.

Rushing Jade Wind will be used for AOE situations, likely replacing Blackout Kick in the rotation in order to keep it rolling. Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger should work well for burst damage, both single target and cleave. Hit Combo augments all your abilities so it should work the best for prolonged and consistent damage.

Currently Rushing Jade Wind is the clear winner in all situations.

WarlordsHurricane Strike | Chi Explosion | Serenity

Legion: Chi Orbit | Whirling Dragon Punch | Serenity

Just like in Warlords, in Legion, this tier is another row of Damage abilities.

Chi Orbit spawns up to 4 orbs that circle around your character. When they collide with an enemy, they explode, causing AOE damage. Whirling Dragon Punch is an AOE ability that can only be used when FoF and RSK are on cooldown, it damages all enemies in a circle around the caster. Serenity works similarly to its version from Warlords, in that all Chi spenders are free. However, it also replaces SEF, increases damage and healing by 40%, and reduces cooldowns of abilities used during the buff by 50%.

Chi Orbit is a passive so it will be good for newer players or those who don’t want another button to press. It should do less damage then the other, active, options. Whirling Dragon Punch is a great ability to incorporate into the AOE rotation, so it will certainly be used as such. Serenity is a very interesting cooldown since it replaces SEF, meaning it will likely be used in exclusively single target situations. You’ll want to make sure all abilities, such as FoF, are off cooldown, or will be soon, so that you can use them right away and then again as quickly as possible with the reduced cooldowns.

Currently Chi Orbit is the better ability in all situations, but can change through tuning.